Our history

Project Naomi was founded by Trevor and Julie Kershaw mid-2017, through a deep desire that the Lord had placed in their hearts and by the opportunities He presented before them.

With the doors open and the encouragement of mentors and faithful servants of the Lord they stepped out in faith knowing nothing is impossible for He is more than able Above ALL.

Their heart’s desire is to ignite the passion within believers to” bless Israel” in the name of Jesus.  From the very first book of the Word, according to Genesis 12:1-3 the Lord promised to bless those who bless the children of Abraham and curse those who curse them.

The character of the believers is to be one of loving your neighbour,  to pray for those who persecute you, to feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty, care for strangers, clothe the naked, care for those who are sick, and visit those in prison.

Seeking to uphold these biblical commands, the Kershaw’s established a non-profit educational and charitable foundation that works closely with Jewish and Christian allies in Israel as well as Christian allies around the world.

For the past 8 years Trevor and Julie have been involved in voluntary work all over the state of Israel together with Holy Ground Explorations from the USA.

Over that time they have built many strong relationships within Israel and have witnessed many areas of poverty and immediate hardship.

Trevor and Julie were moved and called to provide humanitarian outlets to distribute food packages and clothing to the needy in areas which have a high percentage of returning Jews to the community and also elderly Holocaust Survivors.

We also became aware of the necessities of those immigrating to Israel. One of the major hurdles to gainful work opportunities is being fluent in the Hebrew language; hence to secure the requirements of full time employment they must have a full grasp of the Hebrew language.

If the language component fails so do the finances, this ends up putting strains and fractures within the marriages of new immigrants and the cycle of poverty continues.

The heart of Project Naomi is to provide a facility that will cover the needs of marriage and financial counselling, further in depth Hebrew language lessons, emergency accommodation and so much more.

In the lead up to establishment of Project Naomi, its support first began with a group of friends mostly from the Kalgoorlie area in the Goldfields of Western Australia who had a deep love for Israel. This has further grown to involve those from areas outside our network who have taken up the heart lead response to participate in financial support.

The intent and support for Project Naomi has been functioning since 2017 however the foundation of Project Naomi was formally established and commenced a partnership with Global Development Group an Australian NGO in 2018.

We are humbled at the new opportunities that are presented before us as we seek to serve and honour the Lords faithful hand of openings and provisions for 2019 and beyond.